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What's this site about?

        I’m Neale Sourna, award-winning author, publisher, game writer, and screenwriter.

        In writing an African British historical novel called "Becca DuMaurier", in the historical periods of the British Restoration of the 1660 - 1685 and the Glorious Revolution of 1688 for several years, it has included much research, online and off, and yet...

        This site is will hopefully help you find some new works; plus, a few references, story and character triggers, and how to do that / write that / edit that. Happy hunting! Happy developing! Happy reading!

  • Finding relevant reference materials remains scattered, haphazard.
    Searching for historical information for People of Color isn't just as easy as digging out your old school history books.
    Most often we aren't mentioned, well, not as thoroughly and heroically as European males.
  • Writing historically about People of Color to bring something new to readers' minds and emotions about People of Color in History is the plan.
    We are people, with same or similar wants, drives, hopes as everyone else.
    Ethnic cultures my be different but that's only the seasoning for who people were, are, and want to be.
  • Finding material that gives us a mental writing prompt to be build into a scene or an entire series.        
    Maybe its a tapestry image of an African Brit trumpeter for Henry VIII of England, a notice about a foreign black officer soldier who fought for that same king and his son, and was Knighted as Sir Pedro Negro, or ... hm, what time periods of historical films do you love and want to see yourself in?

    To be blunt, those of European descent, usually male, write themselves into the history of the Great Wall of China, Polynesia, and running with Mongol hordes.

    If Europeans "might" be there, so could Africans, like Yasuke, the "Black Samurai / Black Ronin" or "African Samurai / African Ronin"?
  • Plus, marketing and making connections outside of the larger African American Book Clubs, when "lists" for Black Historical Fiction and Literature, because most are only rearranged rewrites of the same lists of older / classic African American or Black American tales.
    (Try searching for African British Historical Fiction, sometime, and see what limited material comes up. Or look for African American Historical Fiction that's not Z. N. Hurston, A. Walker, etc.)

    Yes. Some newer books get listed but, you have to scroll and scroll to find the newer stories about older or different tales.

My Own Researching and, Perhaps, Yours, as Well

        When I searched and now still search, the same lists of decades old works or dead authors comes to the fore. They’re great, but it’s a very limited list; and sometimes too dated and inadequate to the task.

        There are new views, researches, and voices now; yours, mine, and other Black, African or People of Color of all kinds, genders, shades, and persuasions to trigger great stories that tickle and touch or emotions and change our personal worlds; just a little, sometime a lot.

        Plus, most of the old lists look like People of Color did not exist nor love in historical times; such as the limited view of African Americans only being involved with Black Slavery, the Harlem Renaissance, or various "Black Struggles".

        Did you know Tsar / Czar Nicholas II of Russia, murdered in 1918 with his entire family in a basement (The House of Useful Purpose) in Siberia, had an African American employed servant? Now, how did he get there, what was his path, and what happened to him, once the royal family was arrested, held, then murdered.

        Hm, there's a story premise.

        General history makes it look as if our stories weren’t and aren’t storytelling worthy. Or never happened. Well, that’s an effing lie! If we can make up heroic "fake" European descent cowboys, entrepreneurs, etc., why not change their color and background, or gender, and see what happens.

        It probably did happen, and was suppressed.

        So, I’m adding lists and links of historical references of People of Color for the search engines to lead you in your searches and discoveries of things past to reshape our now and futures. And, if you wish to Swap Links, let's do that and help others find us, read us, and experience something familiar yet new in the shading.

_Neale Sourna of PIE: Perception Is Everything.

Black History and People of Color History 

Isn't Just About:

Slavery, "Urban" Street Toughs, Middle / Working Class Church-goers, or "Dragonladies" and Gentle Geishas....

But also about, actual: Medieval Royal Trumpeters, Knighted Mercenaries, Inventors, Voting Grocery Store Owners with a Gainsborough portrait, Shakespearean Actors, a "Lost" Duke, a Royal Nun, Famous Circus ShowsMr. Kite, and their families, friends, and more...! 

Historical References Research

Historical References Videos

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Gratitude and Sharing

The Concept of the Lilies of the Field, Flowers of the Wild
Dispersing freely upon the wind and spirit / And receiving freely in return

    So much is about chasing income and popularity numbers. Striving has its merits, but so does floating and just being.

    Like water and nutrients to a flower, respect for another's living and relieving their needs as you wish yours to be, makes that flower grow; straight and unburdened.
Giving beauty, giving to the Spirit, which needs feeding, too

    What we know can relieve another's stress, save their life, or even save someone's sanity, if we share it.

    Living in the world and giving, sharing more of what we know and feel; unlike sharing a MATERIAL THING, sharing IDEAS and FEELINGS is a growing thing.

    Whether your are the one who gives or the one who receivesboth of us have it.
Giving in gratitude and being thankful

    There is gratitude, the respect for another's service that helps you.

    Feel grateful.

    Experience grateful within you.

    And let your thank you be as generous as your heart and situation will allow.

    "You get what you give."

    "Trash in, trash out."

    Zen in, Zen out.

African & Other "Black" Historical Fiction /
People of Color Fiction:

All Times are Ours.
All Geography is Ours.

Space, too. 
(Whether Outer, Inner, Underwater or Underground)

"Free your mind, and the rest will follow."©—En Vogue
[songwriters Denzil Foster & Thomas McElroy]


This site is for making it easier to find the type of Historical Black, African, and People of Color (POC) Historical Fiction you seek, or sell. Enjoy!

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  • People of Color are left out of our history or only relegated to being villains, sidekick victims, and / or ... chattel property. 

  • Let's change that, together.
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