How to Write African / Black Historical Fiction / Literature? And Characters?

First and Foremost

When writing any ethnicity or nationality, love and respect the character as a Full and Complete HUMAN; and do your damn research, plenty of it.


Locales, history, clothing, social structures, what and how they might speak, what concerns they may have (emotional, philosophical, peer pressure, etc.) and more....

Imagine / Extend

Imagine the senses of your characters, feel what they feel, think like they think, breathe them to life and imagine and extend and project what choices they might or will make under certain circumstances, whether advantages or hindrances.

Historical References Research

Historical References Videos

How to....

Author Mindset / Heartset


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Tidbits: Writing

? BC - 476 AD

Medieval /
 477 AD - 1659 AD

1660 AD - 1979 AD

Contemporary Alt Universes
& Future
1980 AD - ?

Historical Reference Research


This site is for making it easier to find the type of Historical Black, African, and People of Color (POC) Historical Fiction you seek, or sell. Enjoy!

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  • People of Color are left out of our history or only relegated to being villains, sidekick victims, and / or ... chattel property. 

  • Let's change that, together.
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