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Excerpts from Becca DuMaurier novel

Becca DuMaurier: Excerpts (free epub download)

    It's 1688 AD, in the midst of the British "Glorious Revolution" and a Dutch invasion to take the throne, as wealthy widow Rebecca DuMaurier, an African British royal court favorite of King Charles II, runs from a forced marriage with a famous general, a white-haired English earl, and into a infamous pirate troubling and walking the shores of her Cornwall home.

    Cornwall's rocky, treacherous coast is but a stepping stone for lively Becca, her tenacious soldier fianc√©, and her intriguing, brown-skinned, Irish Catholic pirate of many faces.

Historical Romantic Adventure Fiction 

SEO: African British, Charles II, Glorious Revolution, historic British Restoration, king, earl, Cornwall, 1688, pirate, romance


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    Yes, as long as they have PEOPLE OF COLOR (POC) Leads in historical settings, future settings, or ALTERNATE UNIVERSE contemporary settings.
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    Yes, but only if they fall under HISTORICAL RESEARCH for PEOPLE OF COLOR (POC).
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    Sorry. Your book or list has to feature novels or historical nonfiction research with POC LEAD CHARACTERS, whether straight, LGBTQIA++, or all.... Multiracial, biracial, triracial, etcetera are also welcome.
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